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This video may answer your questions about scaling, adding custom signs, and alerts.

Please keep your key(s) cautiously due to the fact you will want to apply the ones to prompt our indicators on your TradingView account.

How to add an invite-best script on your chart

This is very smooth to do 1. Click on Indicators from the choices header menu 2. Type your indicator call – You’ll receive the exact indicator names by means of email three. Make sure those signs are coming from @Daveatt.four. Start playing with the choices equipment and enjoy

Remove the candles border

This is not mandatory in any respect. Some of our indicators are coloring the choices candles based totally on the choices trend kingdom. Removing the choices local border coloring offers a miles higher looking show.

The candles are displayed nicely and with clear colorations For a LONG:

How to take away the grid traces

Some investors can also decide on hiding the choices chart grid traces. Offering here a solution for doing it

Scaling problems

There is not anything we are able to do to prevent that, but we know that TradingView ought to release a feature quickly to save you this scaling “difficulty” from happening. It might only happen the first time you add the indicator in your chart. The desirable news 👍: it can be solved in 2 easy steps only. – Step 1: proper click on the choices proper rate scale – Step 2: Choose Auto (Fits Data to display screen most effective) We provide underneath a few guidance to remedy this facet-effect.

What if the choices indicator isn’t loading

If you don’t see any purple blunders message or 3 horizontal dots or the choices loading label or not anything at all, then… it may be a network/wifi problem.

In that case, the choices simplest thing to do is fresh the choices web page and/or fixing your net connection. Could additionally be which you did not input your get entry to key and that is why not anything is displayed

What if the indicator displays a pink error

Many of our scripts contain heaps of traces of codes and may take a piece of time to get achieved the choices first time you will add them on your chart(s). If your net network isn’t rapid sufficient or there are some latencies, you would possibly get the difficulty as shown on the choices left photo. To work around that on both Desktop and Mobile, you’ll both need to : – Click on the choices 👁️‍🗨️ (eye icon) – or refresh the choices whole web page (F5/Refresh icon on Desktop and the usual way to refresh a page for your cell device)

Plug and Play red take a look at errors

When you’ll load the trade supervisor or Algo single/more than one tendencies or backtester for indicators for the first time, it might not be related to any TradingView indicator. That’s why you could see an mistakes message as consistent with the image above. Once you connect your indicator(s), the mistake disappears and the choices indicator loads the visual factors on your TradingView chart

What to do if the signals are hidden by means of different factors

In case your alerts are a chunk hidden by using heaps of Algo Supports/Resistances and want them to be displayed more certainly on your charts.

1. Move your mouse cursor to your indicator name (left part of your display) 2. Click on the best algo builder MORE icon (three horizontal dots) 3. Select visible order four. Select Bring to the front

What if the indicator shows a calcul timeout mistakes

Same as defined just above. Click on the 👁️‍🗨️ (eye icon) – or refresh the complete page (F5/Refresh icon on Desktop and the usual manner to refresh a web page to your cellular device)

Hiding your chart signs settings

By default, TradingView presentations a few n/a and indicator values. It clutters the chart loads. Then, I recommend unchecking the 2 checkboxes stated beneath. You’ll see this behavior when those 2 are checked (which would not appearance quality we all agree).

How to split your chart?

I commonly create 1 list consistent with asset elegance. So, 1 for indices, 1 for crypto and many others.

Note: To add the FXCM symbols, there may be a “hack” Let’s use US30 for instance. 1. Type exactly US30 2. Press Enter out of your keyboard 3. This will default into the choices FX:US30 citation (FX like FXCM)

Make sure to overlay your cursor on the choices (i) to analyze what those options are doing Example: to add the choices US30 m1 and m5 on a split chart, we have to: 1. click on the choices split rectangular icon positioned at the top right of your TradingView 2. click on on the US30 symbol from the list created in Step 1 3. from there store your chart (CTRL+S shortcut), load the choices 1-minute time frame to get each the 1 and five minutes on the same view.

How to delete an indicator

Click on the choices small (x) icon

Alerts not firing?

TradingView signals are linked to instances of chart/decision + indicator settings. Each time you edit the settings of a hallmark on your chart, a brand new example is created. Thus your signals nevertheless hyperlink to the antique settings until they’re edited (up to date) or recreated. 🔔 Please make sure you deleted the previous alerts and created new ones whenever we are sending an indicator update.

How to use the choices exchange timezone for your chart?

Yes! in case you use hourly filters from our Algorithm Builders or your very own script. By default, TradingView scripts refer to the choices exchange timezone. To evaluate apple to apple, we propose setting your chart with the Exchange timezone.

To change the chart’s time zone, we first want to open the instrument settings window. One way to achieve this is by clicking on the equipment icon, which displays to the choices right of the choices instrument’s name on the choices chart. In the choices settings window that this opens we choose the ‘Timezone/Sessions’ tab. There we use the pull-down menu of the ‘Time Zone’ option to set the chart’s time area to “Exchange” An alternative manner of doing it is to apply the clock/date variety alternative beneath your chart.

TradingView hot keys

List of handy warm keys (keyboards shortcuts) in TradingView. TradingView whole listing of the quality hotkeys

How to import/export a script configuration?

Whenever you have an indicator with heaps of inputs, that every time you convert the source or download a new edition which you’re losing your config. It’s traumatic and time-consuming to re-insert the choices “50” inputs of our fav signs each time

StratX PRO Chrome extension

Go on your favorite indicator settings and click on Export It seems after the choices extension has been established. It will export the configuration for your clipboard. You’ll most effective need to paste it in a text document.

Paste an export report into the choices indicator extension panel and click on Import

Removing the choices go out caution

Whenever we go out a TradingView tab, we get an stressful warning message asking us to affirm we do need remaining the choices tab. To prevent this, I observed the choices Let me out extension blockading popup messages like “Are you positive you need to leave this web page?” when navigating faraway from a few websites. URL: Let me out Chrome extension

Enable the Extended Trading Hours

This is useful for intraday stocks buying and selling for instance To see the choices pre/publish marketplace statistics, we need to permit this selection. However, upon activation, it’ll show the pre/publish trading hours with a blue background.

As I do not like having them displayed like this, I disguise this blue shade by setting each coloration opacity to a hundred%. Opactiy = a hundred% has the choices effect to cover the ones extra shades however you continue to have access to the pre/publish trading hours information.

Display the choices BID/ASK rate

To display the choices bid/ask expenses and the choices spread, observe the 2 simple steps underneath from your chart settings

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