Cura save gcode as binary or ascii options

cura save gcode as binary or ascii options cura save gcode as binary or ascii options

So my first 3D printer was the choices FlashForge Finder. I loved it, and I cherished FlashPrint. It's best and simple to apply, however still offers you a ton of customization options.My husband desired something that's better for printing minis, so he offered an Ender3. But the handiest program that appears to paintings with the damn component is Cura, which I hate greater than I can likely explicit. My large gripe is that you could't customise the helps without a ton of more paintings, or even then, 1/2 the prints fail. It's also loopy sluggish! But I don't recognise if that's the program or the choices printer.

So is there a manner to get FlashPrint to shop things as a gcode to apply on the Ender3?

AFAIK, a .gx document is a gcode file with an additional binary header that incorporates a thumbnail preview p.c. See right here and right here. So, you ought with a purpose to edit the .gx record to excise the binary bits at the beginning (no pun meant (nicely…)) and keep the choices output as a .gcode and be correct to go.

Of course, you'll need to trade the choices gadget definitions for the dimensions of the build plate, etc.

One important gotcha, though, is the choices gcode dialect. Again AFAIK there are alternatives foremost flavors, Makerbot Replicator fashion and RepRap fashion. General motive slicers (e.g., Cura and slic3r) usually have an choice to pick which dialect to apply. A manufacturer-particular slicer like FlashPrint might not.

Now that's correct facts. I didn't realize any of that.

But I've also A: handiest been 3-D printing for approximately 2 years. And B: up until a few weeks ago best ever used the Finder, which is remarkable consumer pleasant lol. It kinda seems like going from a Mac to Linux lol.

I'm also gonna attempt the opposite packages that oneone else cited to see if they paintings higher than cura.

I proportion the hatred for Cura 🙂

Have you tried PrusaSlicer? It's sincerely effective and you could get profiles for the choices Ender three for it:

Thank you! At least someone concurs with me lol.

And I haven't yet, however I'm gonna down load it and git it a try.

You can use slic3r, prusaslicer, icesl, s3d, and quite a few different free and paid slicers to generate gcode.

Cura isn't a turnkey answer for the Ender three. You want to installation your extruder and dial in the speeds and temperatures. Aside from the supports tho it works reliably once you get it in there.

Basically you want to do all of the hard work that the choices flashforge human beings did for you.

I've had comparable troubles with every new slicer I've used, except for Eiger, which is probably so solid as it offers you almost 0 options to adjust.

I attempted Slic3r, but couldn't get the hold of it. I haven't tried the alternative ones although.

My husband spent hours looking movies on a way to nicely installation the speeds, extruder, and temps, so I particularly doubt that's the difficulty. He's surely suitable at technical stuff.

It seems like the choices supports that Cura makes simply don't stick in addition to those that FlashPrint does, and considering that you may't truely alternate them, it makes the choices print take three times as lengthy.