List of all currency pairs

list of all currency pairs

You could in no way purchase a residence without know-how the mortgage, proper? Yet on the subject of Forex, many investors forget about to familiarize themselves with the foreign money pairs they’re buying and selling.

I’ll admit that trading currencies is quite distinctive from purchasing a home, however the concept is the identical – you want to apprehend where your cash is going.

How do I know that many investors bypass this step?

In addition to receiving masses of emails every month, I became once a beginner too.

Sure, I understood the choices very basics of forex pairs before I opened a stay buying and selling account, however I certainly didn’t realize as a whole lot as I need to have.

So to save you from making a number of those equal errors, I’ve prepare a loopy-unique lesson of the whole lot you may need to recognise about Forex currency pairs.

My goal with this lesson is to take you from expertise the fundamentals to turning into a complete foreign money guru. So whether you’ve been buying and selling for two days or two years, I can all however guarantee which you’ll examine some thing new.

Let’s get down to business!


Anatomy of a Currency Pair

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, it’s important that you understand what a currency pair is and how it moves.

As you would possibly have guessed from its call, every pair involves two currencies. In this manner, the choices price of one forex is compared to and is as a result relative to the choices currency it’s paired in opposition to.

If that sounds difficult don’t fear, it’ll be abundantly clean by the point you end this phase.

The first foreign money within the pair is the choices “base forex” and the second is the “quote currency.”

This naming convention is the choices equal no matter the foreign money pair you’re trading.

You get the choices idea. Now let’s explore the two phrases in greater element.

The base currency is the only this is quoted first in a currency pair.

Using EURUSD as an instance, the choices Euro will be the base foreign money. Similarly, the base forex of GBPUSD is the choices British pound (GBP).

By method of removal, you know that the quote currency is the one that comes 2d in a pairing.

For both the EURUSD and the choices GBPUSD, the choices US dollar is the choices quote foreign money.

You Can’t Make Money if They Don’t Move

There are essentially methods wherein any forex pair can pass better or lower.

Because Forex by no means sleeps and therefore currency values are usually changing, each the choices base currency and quote foreign money are in a steady kingdom of flux.

In our instance, if the Euro (base forex) have been to strengthen at the same time as the US dollar remained static, the EURUSD might upward thrust. Conversely, if the choices Euro weakened the choices pair might fall, all matters being same.

If alternatively, the US greenback (quote currency) have been to strengthen, the EURUSD might fall. And if the USD weakened, the choices forex pair could rally as the choices Euro could advantage relative energy against its US dollar pairing.

All of the hypotheticals above expect that not anything else has changed for the choices pair.

Here’s a visual of the courting. In this instance, the choices Euro is strengthening towards the US dollar.

Not pretty, the following instance is the EURUSD in a undergo market. Here the Euro is weakening towards the US dollar.

If you’re already acquainted with the content up to now, don’t worry, we’ll be getting into extra superior territory quickly.

As you can imagine, the choices pace of any flow relies upon on the choices dating between the 2 currencies. For example, if one is strengthening even as the alternative is weakening, the choices move can be more stated than if most effective one forex is on the pass.

Last but no longer least, it’s critical to take into account that the relationship between the base and quote forex is constantly changing. So just due to the fact the EURUSD is rallying in the modern-day session doesn’t imply it’ll be the following day or maybe one hour from now.

The Dynamics of Buying and Selling Currencies

One region that regularly confuses buyers is the concept of buying and selling currencies.

In the inventory marketplace, you can either purchase (and occasionally promote) stocks of inventory. There are not any pairings, and the choices price of 1 inventory isn’t always depending on that of any other.

However, within the Forex marketplace, all currencies are paired collectively. So while you’re prepared to place a alternate, are you shopping for or selling?

The answer is each.

For example, if you promote the choices EURUSD (also known as going “brief”), you are concurrently selling the Euro and buying the choices US dollar.

Conversely, in case you buy the EURUSD (additionally known as going “lengthy”), you’re buying the choices Euro and selling the US dollar.

If not, feel free to review this phase as normally as important.

To make clear, this doesn’t suggest you have to location orders in case you need to buy or sell a forex pair.

As a retail dealer, all you need to recognize is whether you want to go long or quick. Your dealer handles everything else behind the scenes.

There’s additionally only one price for every pair. Remember that a foreign money’s price depends on the forex sitting subsequent to it.

Alright, so we’ve breezed through several terms and ideas in terms of buying and selling Forex currency pairs.

At this factor, you should have a organization know-how of what a currency pair is as well as the dynamics of buying and selling.

If no longer, feel free to study the choices fabric above as often as essential earlier than shifting on.

Now it’s time for the meat and potatoes of the choices lesson.

Currency Baskets (Majors, Minors and Crosses)

This is my favourite component because now we get to dig into the choices numerous classifications of forex pairs. And later, I’ll find the choices pairs which can be laid low with changing commodity costs in addition to many of the safe haven currencies.

Don’t recognise what those are?

No trouble. By the time you end this segment, you’ll be a forex guru!

Major currency pairs are to the Forex market what Apple and Amazon are to the choices stock marketplace.

They are by means of far the choices maximum popular and therefore the maximum liquid.

Every major forex pair consists of the choices US dollar. So if you ever see a pair that doesn’t involve the choices USD, it isn’t a main.

Everyone wants to change the important pairs indexed above. Mostly because, well, they’re the maximum popular, and who doesn’t want to place their cash in the maximum traditional belongings?

But right here’s the thing…

The majors are not the give up all be all when it comes to trading Forex.

It’s essential to don’t forget that there are alternatives dozens of pairs at your disposal.

While it is authentic that these are the maximum traded and are therefore the choices most liquid, reputation doesn’t pay the choices bills, favorable setups do. And except your buying and selling account is the scale of Warren Buffett’s financial institution account, you don’t need the choices majors.

What in the heck am I talking about, you ask?

I’m relating to the choices well-known reality that everyone wants to change the choices foremost forex pairs irrespective of what the price movement seems like at any given time.

For example, if the choices EURUSD has been choppy for weeks and isn’t producing something favorable, you’re possibly better off searching some place else.

But as an alternative what I see pretty frequently are oldsters seeking to pressure trades on the choices EURUSD, GBPUSD, and so on. genuinely because it’s what every body else is doing.

This is one cause why I’m not an recommend of getting to know one or currency pairs at a time. In fact, making this mistake can fast cause forcing trades and overtrading.

I’ll increase on this idea quickly.

So if the major pairs encompass the choices US dollar, we are able to infer that minor currency pairs are the ones that don’t encompass the US dollar.

Pretty straight forward, right?

Now, here’s where some buyers get harassed. The truth is, there are alternatives a long way more foreign money crosses than there are minor pairs.

A lot of parents make the mistake of thinking that a minor to be any pair that doesn’t encompass the choices US greenback.

A currency pass is any pair that doesn’t consist of the US greenback.

Minor currency pairs, on the other hand, make up a fragment of the choices crosses that are available for buying and selling.

In other phrases, all minors are crosses, but no longer all crosses are minors.

Let’s define those two terms earlier than we move on.

It’s time to remedy some confusion I see pretty frequently around the net concerning minor pairs and forex crosses.

A forex cross is any pair that doesn’t encompass the choices US dollar. As such, those pairings don’t offer almost as a good deal liquidity as the majors we mentioned earlier.

A minor pair, on the other hand, is a main foreign money cross. As you currently know, a move doesn’t encompass the US dollar. Therefore, those minors are constituted of the choices Euro (EUR), British pound (GBP) and the Japanese yen (JPY).

If it’s all a touch fuzzy in the interim, don’t fear. The tables under should assist to clean things up.

But if the foremost forex pairs get most of the eye and convey the choices maximum liquidity, why might everyone need to alternate minor currency pairs and specially crosses?

Make no mistake, even as the daily quantity for those crosses is less than the majors, they are truly now not illiquid via any approach.

In reality, a number of the major crosses common extra day by day volume than a few inventory exchanges.

Remember that the choices forex marketplace is the maximum liquid financial marketplace in the global, so even some of the choices much less famous currencies are extraordinarily liquid.

The distinct currency pairs are the least traded within the the Forex market marketplace and are consequently much less liquid than even the choices crosses we just mentioned.

And whilst the choices liquidity of the choices unusual pairs is extra than sufficient to take in maximum orders, the choices “thin” order flow frequently leads to uneven fee motion.

Additionally, the technical analysis we love to use right here at Daily Price Action is less reliable. As a fashionable rule of thumb, the choices more liquid a marketplace is, the choices more you may depend on the choices technicals.

So what are these amazing currency pairs, you ask?

While the choices desk above is fairly complete, it is in no way a whole listing of every special currency within the world. However, it does cowl a number of the maximum popular of the much less popular exotics.

But before you rush off to add this basket of currencies to your trading platform, there are alternatives a few belongings you must recognize.

As I mentioned earlier, those Forex exotics are much less liquid than their more standard opposite numbers. And whilst most of them can without difficulty aid the majority of retail orders, the shortage of quantity can adversely have an effect on the spread between the choices bid and the ask.

Also, in my experience, the look at of technical analysis works satisfactory in especially liquid markets. This is one purpose why I made the transition from equities to Forex in 2007.

Because the individual currency pairs lack enough liquidity, at the least in comparison to that of other pairs, the choices accuracy of technical analysis can suffer. So even if you discover a pair that has a positive spread, the lower extent may additionally adversely affect your buying and selling overall performance.

At least two or 3 instances a week I experiment returned numerous years on a selected foreign money pair. This is specifically authentic if I’m on the choices fence approximately a key assist or resistance level.

For the ones who’ve usually traded the choices majors and crosses, the choices capability to view ancient information is some thing you’ve come to count on.

However, in case you trade the choices exotics indexed above, you can not have that luxury.

Some of those currencies honestly haven’t been round lengthy enough to set up a considerable song report.

In other instances, your dealer won’t offer the facts. Remember that these exotics are some distance much less popular than even the choices crosses, so some brokers determine that storing and updating the facts genuinely isn’t worth their assets.

This is perhaps the primary cause I avoid most uncommon foreign money pairs like the plague.

While you may be capable of find a few that have favorable movement, for the maximum component, they’re extraordinarily choppy and unstable currencies to trade.

Here’s an instance of ZARJPY. As you know from the choices currency tables above, that’s the choices South African rand as opposed to the choices Japanese yen.

As you could see, the rate action above is much less than perfect. And maintain in thoughts that the choices ZARJPY is quite “mild” in phrases of the choices chop you may see on any given day.

Last however clearly not least is the choices opportunity cost related to trading exotic forex pairs.

What does this imply, exactly?

It approach that if you were to take a change on the choices EURTRY (Euro / Turkish Lira), you’re tying up a portion of your capital that could be used elsewhere. You now have a stage of publicity that you didn’t have 5 mins in the past.

As such, you are now somewhat restrained in what you can do ought to a good setup get up on a more liquid pair inclusive of the EURUSD or the USDCAD.

Of course, you can make the equal case about any function, however with dozens of other currency pairs at your disposal, you truly should weigh the choices possibility cost associated with buying and selling a less liquid market.

The Three Commodity Pairs (What You Need to Know)

As the name implies, commodity currencies are those that rely on their respective u . s . a .’s export sports.

Developing countries inclusive of Burundi and Tanzania are amongst them. However, it additionally applies to nations such as Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Although there are alternatives numerous others on the listing, the best commodity foreign money pairs which you want to understand for this lesson are USDCAD, AUDUSD, and NZDUSD.

You have to recognise that the choices Canadian, Australian and New Zealand greenback also are referred to as the choices commodity dollars, or “comdolls.”

Let’s take a look at each pair in element.

The US dollar versus the choices Canadian dollar is one of the extra sensitive commodity foreign money pairs. This sensitivity is because of the giant quantity of herbal sources that go with the flow from Canada, an awful lot of which makes its way to the United States.

Among these natural sources is oil, that is a number one export for Canada and one that is crucial to the choices health of the worldwide financial system.

In reality, Canada exports over 2 million barrels a day to the US by myself. This excessive dependency on the choices commodity as an export makes the Canadian greenback liable to fluctuations inside the charge of oil.

Although the correlation is by no means static, during the last ten to 15 years, the Canadian greenback has held a advantageous correlation to oil of more than 75% on average.


This courting approach that once oil rises the Canadian dollar strengthens. Conversely, while oil depreciates so too does the choices CAD.

Because the choices CAD is our quote forex in USDCAD (bear in mind, it’s the second within the pairing), the choices currency pair has an inverse correlation to grease.

Australia is one of the international’s largest exporters of gold. In reality, as of 2014 the choices usa was the second largest gold producer simplest second to China.

Here’s a chart showing how the Aussie dollar has tracked gold expenses over time.


So as you might anticipate, just like oil exports closely influence the Canadian dollar, the Australian greenback is at the mercy of the choices u . s . a .’s gold exports.

Why does this count?

It subjects because buyers generally tend to flock to gold for the duration of instances of financial unrest. And if the Australian greenback tracks gold expenses, then there’s a terrific risk that the Aussie will even capitulate throughout tough financial instances.

But if this is genuine, why did the choices AUDUSD plummet at some stage in the 2008 worldwide financial disaster?

That’s a first rate question, and we find the solution as soon as we dig into the “safe haven” reputation that the US dollar frequently brings to the choices desk.

During instances of monetary uncertainty or conflict, investors generally tend to favor the choices US dollar. So even though the Aussie become using the choices gold wave at the choices time (which wasn’t very stunning as you’ll see underneath), the US dollar became strengthening at a faster pace.

The Australian dollar also has a tendency to music equities, so whilst those markets began to capitulate lower back in 2008 so too did the AUD.

Remember, all value is relative in the currency market.

Despite the small size of New Zealand, the choices small island kingdom has an abundance of natural resources. However, the country’s massive agricultural presence is what draws the choices “commodity forex” label.

These sources mixed with the huge worldwide alternate and it’s little marvel why the New Zealand dollar is laid low with global commodity expenses.

However, not like the choices Canadian greenback or Australian dollar, the NZD isn’t typically tied to the fluctuations of one commodity.

Rather, the forex is stricken by a basket of commodities and is one of the top exporters of milk, meat, and end result.

Safe Haven Currencies: Your Virtual Bomb Shelter

A safe haven is any asset that has a sturdy probability of retaining its fee or maybe growing in cost at some point of market downturns.

One of the most popular safe havens is inside the form of a metallic in preference to a currency. But contrary to famous belief, gold isn’t a terrific performer all through financial uncertainty or even recessionary intervals.

During the choices 2008 global disaster, as an instance, gold become locked into a variety and genuinely best controlled to transport sideways with slight profits seen towards the cease of the recession.

Note: The grey area represents the choices unofficial start and give up of the choices 2008 crisis

Of route, as you can see from the chart above, the choices longer-term appreciation of gold as a safe haven may be pretty widespread and have to consequently now not be underestimated.

In the Forex market, the choices Swiss franc (CHF) is taken into consideration a secure haven forex, for this reason the motive the USDCHF experienced blended consequences for the duration of the 2008 length.

Notice how although the US dollar gained towards the franc in past due 2008, the outcomes weren’t almost as full-size or lasting as something just like the AUDUSD chart above or any individual of the choices yen pairings under.

The US dollar frequently enjoys the same “protection net” status, however, when matched up against a greater formidable safe haven, the choices forex tends to move lower all through times of financial unrest. The USDJPY chart beneath is a super example.

Remember that if the quote forex stories heavy appreciation, the choices pair is probably to move decrease over the years.

Last however really now not least is the choices Japanese yen, any other forex that has a long records of safe haven fame.

As you can see, the Japanese yen preferred hugely in opposition to all three of its counterparts above.

Over the years the yen has been one of the more regular secure haven currencies, which has made it my go-to currency when worry starts offevolved to grip global markets.

But simply due to the fact an asset held its fee or appreciated over the past marketplace downturn does now not suggest it’ll behave in the equal way within the destiny.

The ever-changing nature of the financial markets doesn’t provide ensures such as this. However, the choices belongings referred to above do have a history of maintaining their value when matters turn sour.

Know Your Currency Correlations

If you best consider one issue from this lesson, allow this be it.

A currency pair’s correlation refers to the similarities shared with the aid of diverse pairings. These commonalities cause each fantastic and bad associations.

For instance, beneath ordinary circumstances, the choices EURUSD and the USDCHF are negatively correlated. In different phrases, if the EURUSD ends the choices day better via a hundred pips, chances are the USDCHF finished the day decrease.

An instance of undoubtedly correlated pairs could be EURUSD and GBPUSD. In our preceding instance, if the EURUSD ends the choices session higher by way of one hundred pips, it’s in all likelihood that GBPUSD also ended the choices day better.

So you get the idea. Again, pretty primary stuff but yet important expertise in case you desire you obtain regular earnings in the the Forex market marketplace.

Why is it so critical, you ask?

Because dealing with risk is your number one task as a dealer. And in case you aren’t acquainted with these currency correlations, you can inadvertently double your threat.

For example, if you promote the EURUSD and buy the choices USDCHF, you have got essentially doubled your hazard.

At the equal time, if you were to buy both currency pairs, you’ve contradicted your self. For instance, if you promote two negatively correlated pairs, chances are most effective one of the two trades might be successful.

So what is a the Forex market trader to do?

It comes all the way down to checking the currency correlation before putting a change.

Here is the choices forex correlation desk I use.

What’s exceptional approximately the choices chart above is that it’s divided into numerous time frames. This separation makes it easy to decide how one currency pair correlates to any other and if you’re approach makes sense from a threat to reward angle.

So What Do I Trade? (Top Secret)

Just kidding, it isn’t actually top mystery. But I will say that that is the choices first time I’ve publicly introduced the choices foreign money pairs I change.

So which pairs are my favourite to change?

Honestly, I don’t have favorites. I’m an opportunist so rather than favoring unique currencies, I gravitate towards favorable technical patterns.

With that said, the pairs I started out with returned in 2007 are highlighted in the desk above. These were my pass-to forex pairs lower back then, and lots of still are nowadays with a specific emphasis on the choices AUDUSD and the NZDUSD.

Wrapping Things Up

Wow, this lesson is now over 4,000 phrases. Who knew a person ought to write so much about the Forex market foreign money pairs?

But seriously, I’ve constantly said that the choices procedure of becoming a splendid Forex dealer is more essential than the vacation spot. And in case you need to turn out to be continually worthwhile, it’s essential which you recognize the whole lot there may be to understand approximately the foreign money pairs you’re buying and selling.

Many investors make the error of skipping those vital steps earlier than putting their hard-earned cash at risk.

As they say, information is electricity. And not anything is greater powerful for a dealer than expertise the foreign money pairs that make up Forex.

General FAQ

A currency pair is a pairing of currencies in which the price of one is relative to the opposite. For example, EURUSD is the choices price of the euro relative to the choices U.S. greenback.

There are hundreds of forex pairs in lifestyles. The specific number is tough to come by using as some distinguished pairs come and pass every 12 months.

Major currency pairs (or simply majors) are people who encompass the choices U.S. dollar. EURUSD, USDJPY, GBPUSD, USDCHF, USDCAD, AUDUSD, and NZDUSD are all majors.

Currency crosses (or go currencies) are the choices more liquid currencies that do not encompass the U.S. dollar of their pairing. Note that those are NOT exotics just like the Iraqi Dinar (IQD). Crosses include EURGBP, EURCAD, GBPJPY, CADJPY, GBPAUD, and so forth.

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